Fire Showing From a Townhouse. Villages at Garst Creek

Friday, April 18, 2014  At approximately 0015 hours, the call was dispatched for fire showing from a townhouse at the Villages at Garst Creek Apartment Complex. Within minutes Wagon 3 arrived to find a two story middle of the row townhome with fire showing. The wagon officer completed a 360 walk around of the structure and found smoke also showing from the eaves on the "C" side. Wagon 3's crew stretched a 200' 1 3/4 inch attack line and began an initial knockdown before forcing the front door and making entry. The wagon officer began attempting to alert residents in exposure apartments and was met by a male carrying a child out of the "D" exposure apartment. The male stated there were additional children still inside the home. After making entry, two additional children were found and rescued. Wagon 11 (Back Creek Volunteer) arrived second and were assigned as Division 2 in the fire apartment. After opening up, Wagon 11's crew found fire in a wall and extinguished the same. Roanoke City Ladder 7 (career) arrived and were assigned the roof division where inspection holes were cut. With no additional fire found, command held the first two engine companies to standby with the fire marshal. Units returned to service at 0230 hours.



Small Fire on Brentwood Court

Wednesday, March 12, 2014  Around 2200 hours, Companies 3 and 11 were alerted for a house filling with smoke in the 4400 block of Brentwood Court in Company 3's first due.  Wagon 3 arrived less then five minutes after dispatch to find a two story masonry structure with nothing evident.  The Wagon crew stretched a 1 3/4 inch attack line to the "C" side of the structure and made access to the basement.  Light smoke conditions were found inside the home and the working fire dispatch was requested.  Engine 11 (Back Creek career) arrived next and laid out to prepare to secure Wagon 3's water supply.  The Wagon crew located fire in a basement wall and after opening up extinguished the same.  After searches were completed by Ladder 3's and Engine 11's crews on the first and second floors the assignment was held to the units on the scene.  Units returned to service within an hour and a half.



Fire Showing on Rosecrest Road

Monday, March 10, 2014   At approximately 1530 hours, dispatch alerted Companies 3 and 11 for a house on fire in the 4500 block of Rosecrest Road.  Wagon 3 (paid staff) arrived first with heavy fire showing from sides "A" and "B".  The Wagon crew stretched a 2 1/2 line and made an attack from the outside of the home.  Ladder 3 (paid staff) arrived second and conducted a primary search of the home.  Tanker 3 (volunteer) arrived and were assigned the RIT with part of Engine 11's (career) crew.  After throwing ladders and assuring multiple means of egress from the rear of the home, the crew was reassigned to conduct a secondary search of the first floor.  Once inside, two dogs and a cat were located in a back bedroom and removed.  One civilian was also treated for smoke inhalation.  Units returned to service within two hours.



Cave Spring Graduates Three From Roanoke County Volunteer Academy #12

Wednesday, March 5, 2014   With the most recent volunteer academy coming to an end, Cave Spring added three new certified firefighters to the family. Our volunteers attended in force to show support to our new brothers and sister. Congratulations to Firefighter Esber (Ezz) Nassif, Firefighter Jared Reynolds, and Firefighter Jocelyn Simpson.



Apartment Fire in the First Due

Saturday, February 1, 2014  Around 1430 hours, south county units were alerted for a possible apartment on fire in the Copper Croft Apartment Complex. Wagon 3 and Ladder 3 arrived simultaneously to find a 3 story apartment building with nothing evident. Wagon 3's crew stretched a 200' 1 3/4 inch attack line to the second floor and was met with moderate smoke conditions in the common stairwell. Ladder 3's crew split into two teams. The exterior crew went to work throwing ladders and assuring multiple means of egress for the interior crews. The interior crew conducted a quick primary search of the fire apartment and then proceeded to the third floor and began to force all doors on Division 3 to check for trapped occupants. Upon making entry into the fire apartment, the Wagon crew located a laundry room off and extinguished the same. Wagon 7 (Clearbrook career) arrived, secured Wagon 3's water supply and was assigned as the RIT. With the fire being contained to the apartment of origin, command held the units from 3 on the scene to finish up with salvage and overhaul. Units returned to service within two hours.



Accident With One Subject Trapped

Wednesday, November 20, 2013   At approximately 0430 hours the call was dispatched for a vehicle accident on Garst Mill Road in the area of Hollowdale Drive.  Medic 32 (Cave Spring Rescue) was the first unit to arrive and reported one vehicle on its side with the occupant trapped.  Wagon 3 arrived with Squad 3 close behind and both crews went to work.  The Wagon stretched an attack line and began stabilization efforts as the crew from the Squad set up tools to perform a complete roof removal.  The patient was removed from the vehicle within 20 minutes and transferred over to the care of the medics.  Wagon 3 returned to service within an hour.



Fatal Accident on Merriman Road

Monday, November 11, 2013   Around 0430 hours the call was dispatched for a vehicle accident in the 5900 block of Merriman Road.  Wagon 3 was first to arrive to find one vehicle on its top in the driveway of a residence.  One patient was transported to a local hospital with potential life threatening injuries.  Two other people in the car passed away on scene as a result of their injuries.  The Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department sends our thoughts and prayers to all friends and family who have been affected by this tragic incident.

Here is the news release:



Fatal House Fire in Back Creek

Saturday, September 7, 2013  Just after midnight, Company 11 units were dispatched for a brush fire in the area of Bent Mountain Road and Twelve O'clock Knob Road.  After communications received another call, the incident was upgraded for a house on fire in an unknown block number on Twelve O'clock Knob Road.  Engine 11 (Back Creek career) was first to arrive finding a house fully involved with flame.  Wagon 3, arriving second, stretched a 2 1/2 inch attack line and began a defensive attack on the structure.  Due to there being no hydrants in the area and the amount of fire that was present, command requested three tankers to be assigned to the call.  Tanker 3 was the first to arrive and began to set up a location for a tanker shuttle with the assistance of Brush 3.  Tankers 9 (Fort Lewis) and 8 (Bent Mountain) also responded to the scene.  After hours of extinguishing hot spots, fire marshals were able to gain access to the structure where they found one body inside.



Oven Fire at Sunscape Apartments

Sunday, August 11, 2013  Just prior to 1830 hours, south county units were alerted for a building fire at Sunscape Apartment Complex in Company 3's first due.  Wagon 3 arrived first to find a 3-story garden style apartment building with nothing evident from the Alpha side.  Upon investigation, heavy smoke conditions were found on the 3rd floor and inside the fire apartment.  A stove top fire was found with extension into the cabinets and microwave.  The fire was controlled using a dry chemical extinguisher and ventilation was started.  Units returned to service within the hour.



One Person Reported Trapped in Car Fire at Buffalo Wild Wings

Saturday, August 3, 2013  Around 2200 hours, units from Cave Spring were alerted for a vehicle on fire with one person still inside the car at Buffalo Wild Wings Tanglewood.  While enroute Roanoke County Control updated personnel that they were recieving multiple calls about a fully envolved sedan in the parking lot and one subject still trapped inside.  Wagon 3 arrived to find fire coming from the engine compartment.  With the occupant being freed before the arrival of Company 3 apparatus, the fire was quickly extinguished and units returned to service.



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